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Reichardt is a holding company that specialises in financing and restructuring of medium-sized companies. Our holding company does not aim to promote short-term profit, but is committed to ensuring a strong footing and long-term gains for the respective company. We believe that sustainability is not only about environmental responsibility, but also about taking charge of digital and economic development. We follow a clear philosophy to realise these goals. 


Transformation trilogy

Three interlinked areas are key when it comes to offering existing staff members and future generations a safe and responsible workplace: environmental transformation, digital transformation, economic transformation. In contrast to change management, we think of transformation with its far-reaching nature as a lasting, expansive development that does not end at a specific point.


We at Reichardt Holding do not regard a considerate use of resources a pure matter of duty, but as something we are genuinely concerned about and that we are promoting tirelessly. This includes the construction and use of photovoltaic facilities and LED lights, as well as our preference to cooperate with local suppliers.

All of these aspects are individual building blocks that contribute to the sustainable development of a company. A company that is structured in this way is able to remain competitive in the future and to do well on the market also with regard to technology.

This is only possible with motivated and qualified staff and comprehensive initial and ongoing training of new staff members.


Digitisation is a top priority of Reichardt’s management that has a direct impact on environmental as well as economic transformation. Many medium-sized companies offer vast potential in this area, and appropriate measures are essential to make them future-proof. This is why we have drawn up a digitisation strategy in recent years that is specifically adjusted and implemented in each company.


Just like environmental and digital transformation, economic transformation is also an ongoing process that is not complete at any particular point. Digitisation and environmental issues must go hand in hand to ensure economically sustainable operation and guarantee a company’s long-term profitability. Another aspect that is just as important, is for companies to be technically up to date thanks to state-of-the-art processes. 

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